What is ConstantCon?

A neat solution, courtesy of Zak S and others, to the problem of finding players who like the same sort of RPG you do and are available when you are.
This blog is meant as a clearinghouse for players and DMs to find each other. So far, it's been a mess of twitter, google +, and various blogs. Zak has generously setup a weekly blog post and comment thread for people to find each other, but it's a bit cumbersome. He's also set up a calendar.

Hopefully putting everything together into one blog will make it easier for folks to get together.


  1. Hi, my name is Moses and I would love to play ADD1st, Dark Conspiracy, Traveler, T&T, Blue Planet, among others.
    Right now I am in a Tempora Mutantar campaign (minimalist game that you can Goggle)however the GM often has to miss game days. I can play by Skype, I have no idea what G+ is or how to use it. I have a ton of games and would love to get in a group.

  2. G+ is google plus, google's attempt to compete with facebook. One can create a google + account at google.com. One of the useful features of G+ is something called hangouts, which are essentially video chat sessions. They appear to be easier to set up and use than skype, at least for the old school RPG crowd.

  3. Is there some kind of tutorial or the like? I'm intrigued by the idea, but I haven't yet figured out how to get in on games on Goggle +.

    1. www.tabletopforge.com is a hangout plugin that will let you play a tabletop RPG on google+. Just goto the site and read over the intro and click on the launch table top forge button at the top! There is a detailed documentation section I maintain on the site as well: www.tabletopforge.com/documentation. You can also feel free to add me and +tabletopforge on g+ and ask us questions on the app.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Well thank you, however I am one of those old school gamers who still can not figure it out. Having said that, I have a friend who is going to hold my hand and show me how to do it. He too, along with my TM game DM, insists it will be better than Skype.
    We shall see.
    I live in a gaming black hole and gaming via the internet is the only way I can game.

  5. looking for GMT friendly games add flyingfalafel dot Bros at gmail com to rpg circles please

  6. I wish more EU gamers would start using this site.

  7. Looking for some ConstantCon gaming. New to Google+ and still trying to figure it out. Working rotating shifts so regular games are a problem, hope this can be a solution. Experience with D&D (all versions except 4e), Shadowrun, TORG, WFRPG, and many others. Willing to play almost anything.