Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gamma Red Death World

My name is Paul Schaefer. You may know from my blog, "Mutants & Magic."
I'm running a Labrynth Lord/Mutant Future mashup game on 21 September 2012. Time to be determined.
Characters should be first to fourth level. FLAILSNAILS characters welcome.
To create new characters and review house rules,  please use these guidelines:
The game is set on late 1800's Earth after a Martian invasion.
Martian warlords, entrenched in their techno-organic fortresses, terrorize humanity with their mutated creations.
Weird science and strange magics have opened ancient portals to another world, allowing bizarre creatures through.
Characters fight to defend the Earth or just struggle to survive.
On google + my name is Paul Schaefer, and the email address is "nemo235 at hotmail dot com."
My avatar is a picture of me holding up a fake mustache and fake hat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Small ordinary people leading small ordinary lives in a small ordinary college town. How quaint! But how well will they cope when the world goes crazy?

Hi! I'm Bryan Rumph (nmdrkangl at gmail ) on Google+ (longish blonde hair, beard, glasses, backlit) and I'm going to be running a age 18+ Risus Campaign I've entitled Ordinary-Extraordinary! It will be running on Sundays at 3pm Eastern (UTC-4). Getting started is simple, character generation in the Risus system can take as little as 30 seconds, so don't feel you have to show up prepared. If you WANT to be prepared, however, I won't stop you. Info you need: 10 dice. 4 dice max per cliche, no cliche limit. No Advanced Rules. Looking for a lighthearted campaign? Give it a shot.

Risus System:
Game Blog:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Check it out, check it out! ConstantCon! Check it out!
There's a new calendar, one that's actually up to date, for ConstantCon. Thank Zach Marx Weber.
Here's the calendar.
Here's the submission form.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Matrix RPG.

This post has been re-edited. I've had a bit of computer difficulty lately, and it's taken a while to get back to dealing with D&D/RPGs.

The Matrix RPG is a tabletop role playing game that is designed to have a medium amount of rules. Players should be ready for a storyteller style of game play. If you want to be truly prepared to play you should watch The Matrix! This game will mesh with all the Matrix releases so if you want to delve into the world even further you should watch Animatrix (, Matrix Reloaded (, and Matrix Revolutions ( in that order. It makes the most sense this way IMO. The Matrix RPG won’t officially publish until August 16th at Gen Con 2012 ( The latest draft of the game rules are available on my website.  Weekly I am playing a game with enough room for 3 players. This is an ongoing campaign setting that people can come in at any time if there is room. I will be using Google+ Hangouts to get everyone together. We will use Tabletop Forge for our VTT (virtual tabletop). In order to play the game you need a Google+ account. Circle The Matrix RPG Google+ page found here (). Look for the next Event on the Google+ page and join it. Anyone that joins the Google+ Hangout will be invited to join the Hangout once the event starts. Plus all important game information for that session will be posted in that event so you want to “join” or “maybe” the event so we can keep you posted. If you like the game share it with your friends. Include some sort of catchy hook to get people interested, something that gives a sense of what you are going to do. Something I can put as the title of the blog post announcing your game. a)      The Matrix RPG Campaign - Come one, Come all Remember to tell them your name as it appears on google+. a)      The Matrix RPG page (), managed by Tre’ Grisby () Tell them the email address associated with your google+ account. This will be published! It is necessary for players to find you if they don't already know you. a) Provide a way to tell you apart from all the other people with your same name. This might be redundant, but it will make life easier for everyone. a)      I haven’t seen another Tre’ Grisby, but my location is Fort Collins, Colorado. Tell them the time and date the game will start. Include your timezone, as well as one in a different hemisphere. a)      Game is Sundays (generally) at 7pm Mountain timezone (-6 GMT), 1am GMT Tell them what system you are using. a)      Custom dice system, which uses 10 sided dice and is based on a storyteller style of game play. Tell them what range of levels the characters should be. a)      The characters will be Average, run of the mill Zion military units. Tell them anything else relevant. Sell your game, warn players of oddball house rules, or relevant personal idiosyncrasies. Links to your blog, if you have one, will help. I'll add it to the links in the sidebar. a)      The Matrix RPG lets players play the inside the Matrix world of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. Or you can see how the other half lives outside in the ice desert of the Real World. The Real World is going through an Ice Age turning the Earth’s surface into a harsh and barren desert. b)      The Matrix RPG is being updated until it officially gets released August 16th at GenCon 2012. So until August 16th the rules on the website might change. If you have questions email the GM at c)      There is a blog where you can follow my developer’s notes and progress at (   Have a great week. I can't wait to hear back from you. Tre' -- I enjoy the massacre of advertisements! This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy blood bath.

Computer possessed by Yithians, stuck updating the blog via my phone

My computer has chosen to take a siesta, so ConstantCon is being updated by phone, at least the first drafts. Please pardon the poor presentation for the duration.
First session: Monday, July 23, 9 pm - 12 midnight EST The name of the campaign is "Vaults of Pahvelorn" and will be run using OD&D. Several generations past, the ambitious lord Arios set out into the wilderness to extend the reach of civilization. In consultation with his sorcerer Ismahir (for all wise lords have a wizard), he selected a hill called Pahvelorn for his stronghold and raised up a mighty fortress. He drove the giants away and slayed several dragons. The populace prospered. But then strange things began to happen around the fortress, and Ismahir was gone for months at a time. Unnatural creatures would emerge from the dark spaces beneath the castle. Other advisors begged Arios to be rid of the wizard, but he was loyal to his old companion. Then, one day, when Arios was out on the hunt, he heard a terrific roar and the earth shook. He immediately returned to his fortress to discover only a giant pit in the earth where but days before had proud Pahvelorn stood. Above, clods of dirt and worms rained down from the fortress as it rose into the cloudy sky. Ismahir was never seen again. In the pit below where the hill had once been, dark things writhed and hissed in unfamiliar daylight, even the pale light filtered by the day's heavy clouds. Or, so go the stories. All we know for certain is that most of the good people left soon after the castle ascended into the overworld. Bereft of family and distrusted by the villagers, Arios vanished into the wilderness with his most loyal men, seeking to redeem himself the way he first gained glory. Now, half ruined, the village Zorfath perches over the edge of the pit, the haunt of mercenaries and treasure hunters, a gateway into dark places opened by the castle's leaving. A shadow has been recently seen over the land, however. Crops wither where it passes. After a 101 year absence, the fortress is returning. System is OD&D. The 3 LBBs plus the thief from Supplement I: Greyhawk. Human only. Proposed venue is G+ hangouts, every week or so, and would use the excursion format (so consistent attendance would not be required). Having access to a copy of the rules is not required; character generation rules will be provided. Character generation guidelines: The campaign pitch can also be found here: Let me know if you need anything else, I think I covered everything you requested in the "how to submit a game" link. Thanks! Best, Brendan

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adventurers & Adversaries (GURPS DF)

GURPS DF] Adventurers & Adversaries Recruiting now for a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game. Expect all kinds of adventures, not just straight dungeon crawls, in exotic locations. I expect to run this like a sandox campaign, so keep that playstyle in mind. Once the campaign's players (I expect a max of four) have been confirmed, I expect to have a session on one of Thursday, Wednesday, Monday or Sunday, with start time being between midday to 5 PM. My timezone is Australia/Perth, or UTC/GMT +8 hours, or WST. Use the timezone converter on the net, first! Tell me which day of the week and time would be best for you. If all goes well, I expect to start the campaign within one week from now at the least, two weeks at the very most. I'll using the Roll20 software for this game, so I'll send you a player's link when the game starts. My name is Michael Keenan (same as my Google+ name, of course), and the recruitment thread on the Roll20 forums is at My avatar on the Roll20 forums is Nicholas Cage in The Wicker Man remake, you know what scene. My avatar on Google+ is a splash of paint in the colours of the Australian flag. My e-mail is: p (underscore) dragon500 (at) hotmail (dot) com Character creation guidelines: 250-point characters with -50 in disadvantages and up to 5 quirks. Don't have to stick to "class" templates 100%, but racial templates are as per DF 3 and work within the Cheat Sheet in DF 1. Also note that required advantages and disadvantages will be necessary. Cultural Familiaries available: Western Kingdoms (recommended), Eastern Nationalities, Chaos Wastes, Elven, Dwarven, Goblin-Kin, Coleopteran, Faerie, Reptilian, Infernal, Celestial. Languages available: Western Common (recommended), Eastern Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Orcish, Infernal, Celestial, Draconian, Coleopteran, Lizard Tongue. As per P108, advantages and disadvantages using real-time will instead use game-time. Coins won't a weight statistic to track, as that's too bean-county, but volume WILL count, to avoid abuse. Be sure to write up extensive notes and page references at the bottom of your sheet about your equipment, racial template, disadvantages, advantages and so on to be better aid your GM in making calls.