Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Matrix RPG.

This post has been re-edited. I've had a bit of computer difficulty lately, and it's taken a while to get back to dealing with D&D/RPGs.

The Matrix RPG is a tabletop role playing game that is designed to have a medium amount of rules. Players should be ready for a storyteller style of game play. If you want to be truly prepared to play you should watch The Matrix! This game will mesh with all the Matrix releases so if you want to delve into the world even further you should watch Animatrix (, Matrix Reloaded (, and Matrix Revolutions ( in that order. It makes the most sense this way IMO. The Matrix RPG won’t officially publish until August 16th at Gen Con 2012 ( The latest draft of the game rules are available on my website.  Weekly I am playing a game with enough room for 3 players. This is an ongoing campaign setting that people can come in at any time if there is room. I will be using Google+ Hangouts to get everyone together. We will use Tabletop Forge for our VTT (virtual tabletop). In order to play the game you need a Google+ account. Circle The Matrix RPG Google+ page found here (). Look for the next Event on the Google+ page and join it. Anyone that joins the Google+ Hangout will be invited to join the Hangout once the event starts. Plus all important game information for that session will be posted in that event so you want to “join” or “maybe” the event so we can keep you posted. If you like the game share it with your friends. Include some sort of catchy hook to get people interested, something that gives a sense of what you are going to do. Something I can put as the title of the blog post announcing your game. a)      The Matrix RPG Campaign - Come one, Come all Remember to tell them your name as it appears on google+. a)      The Matrix RPG page (), managed by Tre’ Grisby () Tell them the email address associated with your google+ account. This will be published! It is necessary for players to find you if they don't already know you. a) Provide a way to tell you apart from all the other people with your same name. This might be redundant, but it will make life easier for everyone. a)      I haven’t seen another Tre’ Grisby, but my location is Fort Collins, Colorado. Tell them the time and date the game will start. Include your timezone, as well as one in a different hemisphere. a)      Game is Sundays (generally) at 7pm Mountain timezone (-6 GMT), 1am GMT Tell them what system you are using. a)      Custom dice system, which uses 10 sided dice and is based on a storyteller style of game play. Tell them what range of levels the characters should be. a)      The characters will be Average, run of the mill Zion military units. Tell them anything else relevant. Sell your game, warn players of oddball house rules, or relevant personal idiosyncrasies. Links to your blog, if you have one, will help. I'll add it to the links in the sidebar. a)      The Matrix RPG lets players play the inside the Matrix world of Neo, Trinity and Morpheus. Or you can see how the other half lives outside in the ice desert of the Real World. The Real World is going through an Ice Age turning the Earth’s surface into a harsh and barren desert. b)      The Matrix RPG is being updated until it officially gets released August 16th at GenCon 2012. So until August 16th the rules on the website might change. If you have questions email the GM at c)      There is a blog where you can follow my developer’s notes and progress at (   Have a great week. I can't wait to hear back from you. Tre' -- I enjoy the massacre of advertisements! This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy blood bath.

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