Friday, November 18, 2011

The Deals Men Make

Info: Hello Constantcon land, I am late to this party but eager to be a part of it. My name is Alex Williamson. I am looking to run a playtest of a Dark Conspiracy modern/horror/occult game on December 3rd 2011,  4pm Eastern time, 1pm Pacific Time, 9pm London Time.

Game / Characters: Dark Conspiracy is a GDW game set in a near-future dystopia rife with urban conspiracy and occult horror. This game will be a playtest of a module I am going to submit to Protodimension magazine, which is an ezine for Dark Conspiracy, CoC and other like minded games. Pre-generated characters will be available or if you'd like to get together earlier I can help with the creation of a character you'd be interested in playing. This adventure will consist of players uncovering a plot surrounding the high frequency of apparent kidnappings and outrash of violence in a small suburb of near-future New Orleans. 

Contact: On google+ my name is Alex Williamson and my email is My google+ profile pic is me (male) with a pair of blocky headphones on. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!  

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  1. Making pre-gens now, if you'd like to request something do it post haste or forever hold your peace.