Saturday, November 12, 2011

Griffin Mountain: try not to get eaten by sabretooth tigers

Barry Blatt says:

I will be running the classic Chaosium campaign pack Griffin Mountain on Sunday 20th November, at 1700 GMT (12.00 EST, 11.00 CST). Come to scenic Balazar, go big game hunting and try not to get eaten by sabretooth tigers.

Griffin Mountain
Time: Sunday 20th November 21.00 BST (20.00 GMT, 15.00 EST, 14.00 CST etc)
Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)

Contact me at: bazblatt at gmail dot com

EDITED: It's the 20th not the 18th


  1. You've got two times listed. Is one a starting time and the other the time when the session ends?

  2. Yeah, I'm not sure about the times, but tha'ts what he gave me to post. I try to fix any obvious typos, but I'm reluctant to mess with more than that.