Monday, April 9, 2012

Wrong Ritual, Wrong City

Wrong Ritual, Wrong City

Inexplicably, one day, some folks living in the big city of Metropia noticed that things had changed. Something had suffused the city with power, and not everyone could be counted on to behave responsibly with it...

"Wrong Ritual Wrong City" (formerly titled The Slow Leak) is +David Wood's campaign about a big modern urban environment suffering from a most unusual and antiquated ailment: working magic. It's running in GURPS, with 150-point characters; an unusual problem demands talented heroes. Or at least talented concerned citizens. Contact me on G+ to get into the hangout circle (or email me at territan at gmail period com). Sessions have typically begun on Tuesday afternoons at 6 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific), but if enough people contact me requesting another time, I'm willing to negotiate.


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