Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After The Bomb - Mutants In Avalon (Palladium TMNT&OS Based)

Who: All are welcome to join in!! What: After The Bomb - Mutants In Avalon (Palladium TMNT&OS Based) When: 10PM Eastern, Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Where: G+ Hangouts Why?: Because playing anthropomorphic versions of your human Flailsnails characters could be damn fun. Native Mutants In Avalon characters are welcome as well if you are not into the Flailsnails thing. If you have no clue what Flailsnails is all about, go check out this original post by Jeff R. over here --> Contact Methods: or murdockpeter AT the gmail thingy.

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  1. Just a heads up that I'll be additionally running this event on April 20th, and every other Friday at the same time, 10PM Eastern, for at least 4 additional sessions. Thanks for posting this to the calendar if you get a chance.