Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After The Bomb - Mutants In Avalon (Palladium TMNT&OS Based)

Who: All are welcome to join in!! What: After The Bomb - Mutants In Avalon (Palladium TMNT&OS Based) When: 10PM Eastern, Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Where: G+ Hangouts Why?: Because playing anthropomorphic versions of your human Flailsnails characters could be damn fun. Native Mutants In Avalon characters are welcome as well if you are not into the Flailsnails thing. If you have no clue what Flailsnails is all about, go check out this original post by Jeff R. over here --> Contact Methods: or murdockpeter AT the gmail thingy.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Housekeeping, or A Friendly Reminder

I tend to publish whatever you send me, at least as far as game notices go. Although I wrote that I would be 'somewhat draconian' about the submission guidelines, the reality is I can't be bothered to be that strict. However, please make it easy for players to figure out when your game is happening. ConstantCon is happening all over the world, and the international dateline can create some confusion. You'll get more players if you include not just your local date and time but the date and time in at least one time zone on the other side of the international dateline.
Here are a couple of widgets/websites that might make it easier for you to include this information in your announcements:
Event Time Announcer.
Wolfram Alpha Time Zone Converter.
Some random time zone converter.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Life and Death in Jakalla

Time: Friday 16th March 24.00GMT (or Saturday 0.00GMT, pays yer money and takes yer choice) = 19.00EST, 17.00PST etc.

Life and Death in Jakalla

New game (could be a campaign if people are keen) in the classic RPG setting of Tekumel. The streets are mean, the days are hot, the beasts are venomous and the shadow of the impaling stake ever present, but oh those Jakallan nights...

Tekumel newbies welcome, just make sure you let me know if you are new.

Rules: New and semi concocted Advanced EPT (Lamentations of the Flame Princess with shiny Tekumelani knobs on). A work in progress polished as we play.

GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)

Contact me on


My name is Jason Kielbasa, seriously. When you’re done laughing at that read the rest.
Thursday 8EST-11:30EST 2am-5:30 CET
A series of dungeons, and fun houses devised by various wrestling bookers. Monsters that look like professional wrestlers, faces, heels, and tweeners, fill these dungeons, and arenas.

Wrestleworld is a series of dungeons and fun houses connected by a central flea market. Each dungeon is an expression of the booker who runs it. Some are filled with gruesome weapons like c4 explosives, and barbed wire spider nets, others sports entertainment, and another the imagination of a small indy promoter in Mexico. Each area is filled with the wrestling tropes that surround each style. Old ladies yelling for the last piece of pizza, low treasure payouts and washed up has beens fill the indy dungeon. Sport entertainment areas emphasize glitz, and story lines over action and skill. If you've read this much I guess you know something about wrestling and get where I am going.
Player’s Guide is here if you’d like to roll up a PC.
Wrestleworld posts

Running OD&D, although all FLAILSNAILS are most welcome.
Levels 1-3, although FPCs up to level 6 should be fine.
Email me at jasonmkielbasa At geemale dot calm

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Griffin Mountain!

A Constantcon announcement...

Time: Sunday 11th March 18.00 BST, (17.00 GMT, 12.00 EST, 11.00 CST etc)
Griffin Mountain

The edge of the wilds has been seen! The doughty warriors of Trilus have crossed the Dangerground, who is brave enough to with them on their next step towards Griffin Mountain? Room for more players in this revisiting of of a Chaosium classic. The game will run fortnightly from now on, next session on 25th March.

Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)
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