Friday, January 27, 2012

Derailed: A Psi*Run Game

Hey, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm looking to run a Psi*Run game on Sunday the 29th of January at 100PM EST. Psi*Run is a modern game about amnesiacs with superpowers on the run from shadowy forces. It's a short game, but may need a second session, which I'd like the run the following Sunday at the same time. Character creation is really quick and we'll do it as a group. You don't need anything but six d6, the printed sheets I'll email you, and a pencil. More information about Psi*Run itself can be found at My email, if you're interested or have any questions, is theparableengine at the gmail. 

On G+, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm the clean-shaven, attractive gentleman with the shaved head and the angular facial features.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Update

ConstantCon is busy, with the following games either happening this week or recruting for a session coming up soon: Jeff Rients' Caves of Myrddin game, Zzarchov's neoclassical geek revival, Migellito's Castle Nicodemus game, Sydell, The Core, The Legacy of Bieth, an exciting trip to Carcosa (trigger warning), Zharillia, and the upcoming expedition to to explore Beneath the Tower of Zordaz.

As a side note, I'm going to place a little warning/trigger tag on Carcosa games. I find Carcosa interesting, but recognize that many people would appreciate a trigger warning so that they can make a more informed choice about whether or not that they want to deal with that sort of subject matter. If you have a problem with this policy, I'd be happy to discuss the matter through email. If this blog had an aligment, it would Neutral.

Legacy of the Bieth

Hi ConstantCon gang! I'm Humza "Allandaros" Kazmi, and am going to be
running a session of my campaign "Legacy of the Bieth" this upcoming
Thursday (26th Jan) at 9:30 EST/ 1:30 AM GMT. The setting aims for one
part standard D&D tropes, one part spaghetti western, and one part
post-apocalypse rebuilding. "When life meant little, death sometimes
had its price. That was when the bounty killers appeared." Feel free
to contact me at allandaros at gmail dot com. Add me on G+ as +Humza
Kazmi ; I'm the one in the black leather jacket. Cap of 5 players.

This will be using my "unholy fusion of LotFP and AD&D." FLAILSNAILS
conventions are honored; also feel free to bring in a new character
from level 1-4 if you're new to this whole ConstantCon business.

For more information on the setting, check out my (rarely updated)

Oh, I've got the ulfire blues... oh, the ulfire blues

Editorial Note: Carcosa Warning: Rated Jale

On a planet 153 light years away from Earth, orbiting a star in the Hyades Cluster, you have been born into one of the thirteen races of men who were bred specifically to serve as components for the bizarre and horrific sorceries of the now-extinct snake people - not that you know any of that. However, even with those reptilian bastards gone, humans are still not the top of the evolutionary heap, and in fact are being held mostly in a state of primitive and ignorant "civilization" by the omni-present threats from Grey aliens, the Great Old Ones and their spawn, the mutated flora and fauna one finds there, and the remnants of Primordial Ones' fallen civilization. Life is therefore dangerous, brutal, and short for the humans of the planet, and character death should be understood at the beginning to be a likelihood, especially for adventurous 1st level characters.

For those of that who don't know, Carcosa is an unquestionably mature setting, with subject matter that some find highly objectionable. And while I don't intend to linger on or embellish over-much the grotesque and inhumane rituals of sorcerers, they will appear at some point, along with their sometimes requisite components of torture, murder, and/or rape. If you think that's something which will ruin your fun then this is not the game for you.

Mechanically I will be using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules and classes, including the Fighter, Specialist, and the Berserker (a variation on the Dwarf), as well as an alternate Sorcerer class than the one presented in the Carcosa supplement (basically a tweaked version of the LotFP Elf). In most every other way the LotFP rules will be followed, save that for experience I will be using Keys, as found here, with the experience charts being adjusted to reflect the smaller xp rewards. Each character will get to choose 2 Keys.

The game will be on Thursday the 27th of January at 5-7pm MST for the folks in North America, which is about 8-11am of the 28th for those of you in Singapore. I'm adam kunzang nyima on G+, with a picture of me doing a handstand on a beach, and my email is (here dot now dot relax at gmail dot com). I'm looking to make this an every-other-week game with up to four players per session. And while I may allow FLAILSNAILS characters in the future, at the moment I want to keep everything relatively close to the source material.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


*Title:* Zharillia
*System:* Labyrinth Lord
*Time:* Every other Thursday 2100 EST - 2300 EST (Next is 26 Jan 2012)
*Google+ Page:* (DM) (Campaign Site)
*Dungeon Master:* Roger Burgess (roger dot burgess dawt iii at geemale dut com)

Will you be the first to find the lost Dwarven citadel of *Thrumi Zud*?
What machinations does the *Chained Ghoul* plan?
Why does *Krutus Schneps*, known as the Jolly Fat man in Red and
White, want servants of the Trickster Gods?
Why is it lucky to rub the foreheads of Dwarves and *why don't they drink ale*?

Zharillia, that place where if you fall off the edge of the world,
you'll probably starve to death before you hit something.  Ancient
beyond belief, with continent sized shards of a broken, shattered
world floating about in the Ether, Zharillia's strangeness only begins
with the surface details.  Life is cheap on a 5000 mile wide floating
rock and it's hard to tell what's more dangerous: the people or the
monsters.  Only the lucky will survive.

I can be contacted at +Roger Burgess (my avatar is a shocked-looking
Pip-boy).  Bring 1st level FLAILSNAILS compatible characters of the
following classes: Fighter, Dwarf, Magic-User.  Other classes and
races will be unlocked through play.  If you want to be a priest,
worship a god and tithe 20%. No clerics, only five-year olds get their
boo-boos kissed.

Beneath The Tower of Zordaz

Hi, my name is Nicolò Maioli (aka Il Male™, author of The Yaqqothl Grimoire blog []). Last summer I started working on a Megadungeon named The Tower of Zordaz, and I started a new blog [] to host the project. Now I feel ready for a play-test of my work. I'll run the game on Sunday, February the 5th from 9.00 pm till 11.00 pm (UTC+1), that is 3.00 pm till 5.00 pm (EST.) The game is open to three players, not FLAILSNAILS (you'll need to bring a brand new 1st level character, native of The Black Barony), using by the book Moldvay's Basic/Labyrinth Lord (although 1st level Clerics will have no spells.)

Please note that you'll be required to speak slowly and loudly during the game, and possibly to be patient toward me, for English is not my native language. Also, I will decide whether or not turning this into a regular campaign depending on how this session goes, so consider it a one-shot. My name on Google+ is Nicolò Maioli (my avatar is the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album), and my e-mail is malsetto[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey all, I'm running a game on ConstantCon. This is the page for the LotFP rule version.

My blog is

The game is to be run at 2 p.m. PST/ 11 p.m. in France starting the 24th of Jan and every week after.

The system is LotFP (which can be found on his website here.)

Going to be using Google Plus: you can find me at dragolite 1 at gmail dot com or Googgle Plus under the name Lon Varnadore (my avatar is my girlfriend and myself with sunglasses looking into the camera.)

players: 4-6 1st lvl. characters only please. FLAILSNAIL welcome.

This is a campaign that will be ongoing, I am looking for a group of players that will be able to get on week after week. I do not mind changing the time to every other week if necessary.

Sydell is a place of dangers and wonders. A land where most gods have passed on, and only a few grant power to their faithful. Where the riches are all around, if you know where to look. Where spell and sword might be enough to protect you.

This is a campaign that will be one of a number of plot lines. Choose your path. The only thing you know is that you have taken a caravan to a town called Mytheran. Here, you can get a job working for the Church of Theran, the Church of Sylenia or find some work in the local tavern of the Broken Spoke or the Three Coins Inn.

I'm not one for rules lawyers. THERE IS NO RAILROAD. If your party wants to go off an do something else, don't worry there is something else to do. But, be wary of leaving things half finished. Also, new to this online GMing thing, just a warning.

Return to Castle Nicodemus

Another Monday night at Castle Nicodemus will happen on 23 January at 9pm EST, 2am UTC/GMT.

Email migellito on the gmail if you'd like to be added to the player pool!

More info on the game can be found here.

The Core Update

Update: Chris's game, The Core, is a weekly game that will take place every Wednesday night at the same time as in the original post.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Legendary Numenor

What: Session #1 - Legendary Numenor
System: Legend RPG (basically, Runequest with new alloy wheels)
When: February 4th, 2012, 9AM - 11AM Eastern USA Time (we are currently GMT minus 5hrs* on the east coast USA)
Method: Google+ Hangouts
Player Slots: 5
Campaign Notes:
Campaign G+ Page:
Number Of Weekly Sessions: 4 or more, depending upon player interest. 

It is the Second Age. Numenor stands strong amidst the western sea. But for how long? The latest King Of Numenor Ar-Pharazon, has been slowly manipulated by Sauron, an emerging Dark Lord of Middle Earth. Once a prisoner of Ar-Pharazon, Sauron is now a most trusted advisor. Elvish has been banned. Those still faithful to the Elves, and Man's balanced relationship with immortal beings are known as the Elendeli. You and your close friends are members of this small rebellious band. What will you do to turn the tide towards the light? If nothing is done to stop the evil growing in Numemor there will be a devastating doom. Under the dark influences of Sauron, and his evil master, Melkor, Lord Of The Dark; Numenor is destined to be destroyed. You and your faithful companions will have full rein over how your group gains 1.) money 2.) influence 3.) powerful artifacts and the ancient knowledge necessary to turn the King's ear towards the greater good. Or you may intend a coup to replace the evil that is permeating Numenor? It is your choice. What would you be willing to do to save your home and your family?

NOTE: Owning Legend RPG is not necessary to play. I can provide you with a Runequest 2 SRD that will give you more then enough to create and run a Legend character.

How to contact me: murdockpeter (at) the (gmail) thingy-majiggy.
My G+ profile page is here:
(Please EMAIL me your G+ profile page URL so that I can properly add you to a G+ Circle for this mini-campaign*)

"Oh, and Dude, it's already the tenth."

This week there are a couple of ongoing regular games coming up, as well as a new game.

First, Chris Kusel is running Castle's and Crusades game, The Core, tomorrow starting at 11pm Central Standard Time (that's the mid western US).

On Friday, Jeff Rients is running another expedition to the Caves of Myyrdin. Jeff rolls at 4:30am Central Standard. If you're not on the list for this week, you might get lucky if you're hanging out on google + that morning, as Jeff sometimes sends out a call there if somebody oversleeps.

Later that night, sort of, Michael Keenan is running Caravan to Ein Arris using 4E GURPS. He's starting at 1:00pm Perth time, so take account of the international date line when figuring out when to play.

Finally, on Sunday there's the first session  of The Dungeon of Eternal Doom, a Pathfinder based dungeon crawl hosted by Rob Gilks.

Griffin Mountain

Time: Sunday 22nd January 17.00 GMT, (12.00 EST, 11.00 CST etc)
Griffin Mountain
Can a brewing tribal war be resolved by a wrestling match? Are there really headhunters and cannibals on the loose in Balazar? WTF do the dwarves want with Dragonewt archaeological sites? What did happen to that duck? All these questions will probably remain unanswered and a whole bunch more added in our next session of Griffin Mountain.

Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)
Contact me on

The Core

Chris says:
I am Chris Kusel. I have been playing and running RPGs for about 30 years. I favor an old school style of play. I run Castles and Crusades but I am FLAILSNAILS compatable.
In G+ Chris Kusel (pic of a guy in black with a man in plaid behind me also a small tree by the man in plaid. chkusel at gmail dot com 
My Blog    (Has some info on the Core there... somewhere...)
Game to run  11pm cst  17 jan / 5am london  18 jan
System is Castles and Crusades but D20 srd FLAILSNAILS are exceptable. levels 1 to 3 (for now).
Addition entering the C&C game players need to pick primes 3 for humans 2 for demi humans.
First prime is based on class  Fighter & Ranger are Str, Rogue/Assassin are DEX, Monk/Barbarian are Con,  Wizard/Illusionist Int, Cleric/Druid are Wis, Bard/Knight/Paladin Chr.
Primes add 6 to that stats save or check.  All saves are based on D20 +stat mod (+prime if aplicable) +level   In all other respects C&C runs a hybird 1E 3E game rules lite.
Looking for 4 or 5 players this will be a weekly game.
The game.... The Core becons adventurers.
An extinct volcano borne of the death Pang.
The Core

Seven thousand or so years ago a demon lord and a deity of good battled on the spot of the core.
The loser a powerful demon lord named Pang’Graas.
When Pang’Graas died his corpse putrefied and turned vicious nearly instantly.
The resulting goo burned and sizzled and like acid through steel it melted into the land.
The earth began to tremble and quake.
Less than an hour after its death a volcano erupted.
Spitting lava ash and rock chunks as it grew to immense size in a matter of days.

Over time the volcano has come to be called the Core.
The Core seems to radiate power and has over the years attracted vile and cruel beasts, monsters, and men.
The Core has become riddled with warrens, hovels, temples, and dens of various evil beings.
As the Core became more and more over run, a cottage industry has grown around it.
Adventuring into its deepest reaches has given rise to powerful heroes.
Many have gained fabulous fortunes by delving its dangerous dungeons and caves.

Over the centuries there have been seven major strongholds built into and on the slopes of the Core.
The great Hylderwynn first King of Raaga built a castle and many subterranean levels. The upper works stand in ruins on the western slopes.
The Orkan Citadel of Domination from the unification of empire was leveled during the brethren of the Star rebellion. It was rumored to have twelve below ground levels.
The Brethren of the Star had a tower and school on the northwestern slope. Before it exploded it was whispered to have over twenty levels of secrets and magical goodies.
The God Kings grand palatial stronghold vanished in a torrent of flames one night leaving a crater on the south slope.
The Maw was a temple dedicated to demonic powers before being cleared by adventurers. The "Core Crusaders" claimed the Maw had eight levels. The Maw is now the main entrance to the Core for adventurers and a wonderful Inn sits near it.
The Mystic Forge was Dwarven armor and arms manufactory buried deep in the core. It was over run by humanoids and the entrance tunnel collapsed, it had 5 levels.
A great Many tiered (nine) prison complex existed in the core until its entrances suddenly caved in.

Currently the Core is believed to have upwards of forty separate levels inside it with at least a dozen entrances. Those that survive bring wonderful riches from its depths. The list of those who never return seems to grow by the day. Recently it has become vogue for young lords to show bravery by entering the core. Most don’t pass far beyond No Return.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Caravan to Ein Arris

[GURPS 4e] Caravan to Ein Arris

My name on G+ is Michael Keenan, with a Australian flag graphic (it's not an exact square flag, but kinda a splash pattern) as my account icon.

The time and date of the game is;
1:00 PM Perth on 21st January 2012 -- THE LOCAL TIMEZONE FOR ME
9:00 PM Los Angeles on 20th January 2012
8:00 AM Moscow on 21st January 2012
2:00 PM Japan on 21st January 2012

Use a timezone converter online to figure out what day and time you need to available on.

The e-mail address to contact me is p_dragon500 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I'm looking for three to six players. This will be a fairly low fantasy game, with both intrigue, action and little focus on strangeness and magic.
See the character creation section below for guidelines and setting info.
BE SURE TO GET IN TOUCH VIA E-MAIL WITH ME A.S.A.P.! Give me some time to accomodate your character!

You'll be looking for work with a major trading magnate

System: GURPS 4e (listing what books you have will help)
Power Level: 125-point characters, with no supernatural or cinematic abilities, TL3, up to -70 points in disadvantages and 5 quirks.

Char Gen Guidelines/Setting:
1) The following skills will be useful (* = very useful);
- Combat skills*
- Horse Riding
- Animal Handling (specialties like Camel, Equines, Oxen and Cattle)*
- Merchant
- Diplomacy
- Detect Lies
- Desert Survival*
- Camel Riding*
- Fast-Talk
- Thief skills in general
- Any other social skills

2) Languages
Lantrai* - most common, used by a local empire of Lantara.
Nomic* - used by neighbouring tribals and parts of the Ajir Mountains.
Yat Ayun* - used by an southern island kingdom of Catho.
Shandassa* - used in Ein Arris, language of the countries Mashanda and Narhanha.
Redash - used in the north-eastern mountainous countries of Kenjo, Darabi, Bonoro and Azatl.
Olenese - used in the western country of Olenar and parts of the Ajir Mountains.

3) Cultural Familiarities
Nomic Tribes*

4) Patrons
* The Merchants Guild (very powerful organisation, 6 or less) [10]
- if you have this patron, take the disadvantage Duty (The Merchants Guild, 6 or less) [-2]
* The White Sword Mercenary Agency (fairly powerful organisation, 9 or less) [10]

5) Equipment - TL3 stuff, you may use Low Tech and its Companion books
Personal weapons?
Travelling gear?
Armour (Plate not worn here, scale and chain rare)?

6) Setting
You can ask me about the world background in your application e-mail. Basic rundown; you start in the Lantrai city of Khedris, the capital of the Lantrai empire. What country is your character a native of?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Title: Zharillia
System: Labyrinth Lord
Time: Every other Thursday 2100 EST - 2300 EST starting 12 Jan 12
Google+ Page: (DM) (Campaign Site)
Dungeon Master: Roger Burgess (roger dot burgess dawt iii at geemale dut com)

Zharillia, that place where if you fall off the edge of the world,
you'll probably starve to death before you hit something.  Ancient
beyond belief, with continent sized shards of a broken, shattered
world floating about in the Ether, Zharillia's strangeness only begins
with the surface details.  Life is cheap on a 5000 mile wide floating
rock and it's hard to tell what's more dangerous: the people or the
monsters.  Only the lucky will survive.

I can be contacted at +Roger Burgess (my avatar is a shocked-looking
Pip-boy).  Bring 1st level FLAILSNAILS compatible characters of the
following classes: Fighter, Dwarf, Magic-User.  Other classes and
races will be unlocked through play.  If you want to be a priest,
worship a god and tithe 20%. No clerics, only five-year olds get their
boo-boos kissed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dungeon of Eternal Doom

Title: The Dungeon of Eternal Doom
System: Pathfinder
Time: Saturdays 8pm - 11pm GMT
Google+ Page:
Dungeon Master: Rob Gilks
There is a buzzing in your mind, patterns of smoke, forming into.., what is it? You come to your senses and find yourself lying on cold stone, torches flicker.

“What is this place, where am I?”

Images from your past flow through your mind, but nothing resolves, recent events seem the most hazy just like your earliest memories.

A classic dungeon crawl using the Pathfinder Roleplaying game.

The premise here is that your character just suddenly appears in a dungeon and must find their way out, or what's going on. If you cannot make a session your character will disappear and reappear next time you can play...

Add 'The Dungeon of Eternal Doom' to your circles to join in.

See you there..

Griffin Mountain

Time: Sunday 8th January 17.00 GMT, (12.00 EST, 11.00 CST etc)
Griffin Mountain
Session seven. Shaken by the death of a warrior at Scaleyback Castle,  the party are now in possession of the island and couple of big piles of dung. What next?  
An ongoing saga now with a more than full player roster, but if you want a place on the substitute list by all means sign up. 

Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)
Contact me on