How to Submit a Game to the Blog

To submit a game to the ConstantCon blog, please follow the guidelines below.

  2. Send me an email from the account associated with the google+ identity you will use to run the game. cosimovecchio at gmail dot com
  3. This should be the be the subject line of the email: "Alice Smith wants to host a ConstantCon game." Substitute your name for Alice Smith.
  4. Introduce yourself, then write your post the way you want it to appear on the blog.
  5. Include some sort of catchy hook to get people interested, something that gives a sense of what you are going to do. Something I can put as the title of the blog post announcing your game.
  6. Remember to tell them your name as it appears on google+.
  7. Tell them the email address associated with your google+ account. This will be published! It is necessary for players to find you if they don't already know you.
  8. Provide a way to tell you apart from all the other people with your same name. This might be redundant, but it will make life easier for everyone.
  9. Tell them the time and date the game will start. Include your timezone, as well as one in a different hemisphere.
  10. Tell them what system you are using.
  11. Tell them what range of levels the characters should be.
  12. Tell them anything else relevant. Sell your game, warn players of oddball house rules, or relevant personal idiosyncrasies. Links to your blog, if you have one, will help. I'll add it to the links in the sidebar.
I will be somewhat draconian about these guidelines. I don't have a ton of free time, so please make it easy for me to help out.

A good example:
Hi, John. My name is Alice and I want to run a game. Here's my post:
Title: Haunted Abbeys, Treacherous Priests, Buckets of Blood.
My name is Alice Smith, you may know me as redstar23 from my blog, "D&D Blog." I'm running a Labrynth Lord game at 8:00 PM central time on 3 October 2011, so that's 10:00 AM in Tokyo on 4 October 2011. Characters should be first or second level, no demihumans. It's a mystery/horror game in 9th century England with haunted abbeys, treacherous priests, and buckets of blood. Chain is the best armor around, and no crossbows. I've posted character generation guidelines on my blog, "D&D Blog."
On google + my name is Alice Smith, and the email address is "fake at gmail dot com." My avatar is a picture of a woman, me, with red hair holding a fat white cat.

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