Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House of Stone

Title: Houses of Stone
When: Monday, 5th March @ 20:30 CST (02:30am GMT) and every Monday following
Where: G+ Hangout
Rules: Swords & Wizardry... mostly. FLAILSNAILS welcome!
# Of PCs Needed: As many as want to play with a limit of 6.

Houses of Stone refers to the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe--one of many inspirational locales in sub-Saharan Africa for this game's alternate-history world.
You find yourself in what we would consider Africa (sub-Saharan) in a medieval timeframe. Greece, Rome, Britain, and other European and Mid-Eastern civilizations have attempted to colonize the Dark Continent and left settlements scattered about, never managing to take over.
There is much darkness in this place--a mystical and magical presence and force that refuses to allow men to tame it. This land is wild--there are tombs, dungeons, ruins, and so much more that are filled with the spirits of ancestors, of animals, seeking to protect the heart of Africa from being cultivated by human hands.

See my blog for more details on character creation / FLAILSNAILS import procedure and notes about the world.

Griffin Mountain

Time: Sunday 4th March 17.00 GMT, (12.00 EST, 11.00 CST etc)
Griffin Mountain

The edge of the wilds has been seen! The doughty warriors of Trilus have crossed the Dangerground, who is brave enough to with them on their next step towards Griffin Mountain? Room for more players in this revisiting of of a Chaosium classic.

Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)
Contact me on

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Northern Shore

Title: The Northern Shore
Post: I'm Isaac Murphy, writer of the blog 'Reign of Jotuns'. I'm going to run a Play-by-Post game on Google+ (here's my page). My Email address is The ruleset is Rules Cyclopedia with these house rules.
The northernmost peninsula of the land, heavily forested, filled with marsh and bitter winters- a land of giants and wild beasts- unconquered, until the rise of the great nation of Thephysus.
Several of the Thephysian nobles, driven by rumors of wealth unimaginable, wonders unseen, and even a way to heaven at the northernmost tip, gathered their men and their money, sold their castles, and departed for the untamed land. Many of them survived, had castles built, carved roads through the wilderness, and wealth was indeed found- but in the end, the landscape was as untameable as the trolls it birthed, and the trolls' presence as constant as the forests. A mere ten years after the settling began, castle Porphos was sacked- no word was ever heard from the more distant nobles. Four years afterward, the empire collapsed. Some said their expeditions northward had angered god- others said financial ruin.
A century later, the land is known as Bonemark, a fitting name- but again, men attempt to settle it. A small town, built around a logging camp, has been founded just inside the Bonemark- and yet more brave fools come to try to find wealth, glory, and the northern coast...
This campaign heavily draws upon folklore- the vampires obsessively count grains of salt, and torment their victims by lurking on their roofs and throwing rocks; The trolls get smaller and covered in moss and lichens as they age, until they die and become gnarled old trees; The goblins hide in corners and chitter madly at you. The Magic-User and Cleric classes represent those with inborn talent, but the most powerful magic is usable by anybody with the stomach for it (Carcosa-style magic, but more focused on raising blizzards, obscuring trails, and other witchy activities than conjuring and binding demons). The Thief class is not limited to thieves, rather you can select any appropriately powerful skills to use those percentages for. So a character wanting to play a ranger would substitute 'Tracking' for 'Climb Walls' and 'Hunting' for 'Open Locks'.
Characters will start at level 1, or level 1/4 of highest level party member's.
I'm going to start play on the 1st of March.

The Vaults of Ur

Ruincrawl and get rich amid the post-apocalyptic remains of an ancient metropolis!
Rules: Reskinned B/X (with Basic Labyrinth Lord and some house rules) – No dwarfs, elves, and halflings. It’s humans, orcs, orc magi, and beastmen.
Setting Inspiration: Early Iron Age Sword & Sorcery Science Fantasy.
Game Time: Every other Saturday at 8PM Korean Standard Time (GMT +9, so Seoul: 8PM / New York: 6AM / London: 11AM) – First game Feb. 25
I’m Justin Howe on Google+. My avatar is Godzilla. If you’d like to play add me there, email me, or leave a comment here.
Email: howeDOTjw [at] gmailDOTcom



“I’ve lost feet, fingers, ribs, friends, enemies, Sergeants, Corporals, sanity and enough blood to fill a swimming pool back home twice over. So don’t tell me about losses, Lieutenant. Don’t.”
—Trooper Dog

“Corporal, I believe your squad is the one with ‘Trooper Dog’ in it. He insulted me this morning when I asked him to search for my lost pet pig. He is an insolent upstart and a psychopath if his medical records are to be believed. Put him on Point Duty and see if you can lose him in some hell hole somewhere.”
—Lieutenant Frinks

“Good job, Dog. This food is fuckin’ A. I love the taste of bacon in the morning.”
—Corporal Torres

In 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars you plays members of the elite 3:16th Expeditionary Force. 

This military force left Terra over 10,000 strong many years ago with an explicit mission: fight, and defeat, everything in the Universe that you can find. Alien civilizations, intelligences and life of any kind are to be wiped out to protect the people home on Terra. Threats are to be neutralized at their source. 

You are humanity's only hope for survival. Don't fuck up.


WHO AM I: My name is Jez Gordon, I run a blog over at Same name on Google+, black n white pic is of a scruffy looking fella in sunnies. 

WHAT I'M RUNNING: 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars. You can get the rules here:

But the important stuff which you must download and print out (and read) before playing:
WHEN I'M RUNNING: I'll be running it every second Tuesday, with the first game on Tuesday 28th February at the following times:

NZ (UTC+13 at the mo) 8pm-11pm
LA (UTC-8) 12am-3am 
NY (UTC-5) 3am-6am
UK (UTC) 7am-10am
JPN (UTC+9) 4pm-7pm
SYD (UTC+10) 6pm-9pm

CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS: Not much really. It ain't a FLAILSNAILS game (you wouldn't want to put your precious in here), but anyone is welcome to join at any time; fresh meat for the grinder. New players create their characters at the start of the session; it takes less than 5 minutes to make a 3:16 character, and probably just a little longer to explain the core rules of the game.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: A shitload of killing. This is a war story after all, and a lot of the dead will be on your side. It's a story game, and some creative player input is expected; keeps me on my toes which I like. Players have a limited amount of narrative control, but it's a precious resource and runs out all too quick. You will most likely die. But you'll die laughing.

Drawing Back the Veil

Title: Drawing Back the Veil
When: Tuesday, 21st February at 20:30 CST (02:30am GMT) (meeting either every other week or every week, depending upon player availability and interest after the first session)
Where: G+ Hangout
Rules: Savage Worlds
# Of PCs Needed: 4-6 total (already have 1 committed and 1 possible)

This is the beginning of a modern-world (one just like ours, only different) game using the Savage Worlds (read: easiest system ever) rule set.
The PCs will be just discovering that there's another world out there--magic, demons, creatures from other planes. Inquiring minds will be investigating, or running from, or fighting supernatural threats to the mortal realm.
The game will be set in a slightly fictional version of Glasgow, Scotland. PCs may form or join a sort of team or society or agency that investigates/fights/flees/researches supernatural, magical, occult etc happenings.

I run very player-driven games, following their interests more than my own designs. The first session will include some time to explain the Savage Worlds rules. Players committing to the game ahead of time will be provided with plenty of information to build characters from and I will be available on G+, GTalk, or email to help guide character creation.
Feel free to contact me with any questions about the game, setting, or rules.
(Sorry, neither Savage Worlds nor my game world lend themselves to the FLAILSNAILS convention.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seeking beta testers for Google+ Hangout application

Hello fellow gamers! I know a lot of the games organized through ConstantCon are done through Google+ Hangouts and I would like to put a call out for beta testers for a Google+ Hangout application I am working on to enable virtual tabletop features in a Hangout.

Currently I have dice rolling, dice macros, battle map including square/hex grids, tokens, locking tiles, a basic combat tracker, character info sheets, and a fun little camera overlay feature. I have put together a video walk-through here:

If you are interested please hit me up at Google+ and I just need your Google+ email to add you to the project. Happy Gaming.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beneath The Tower of Zordaz, FLAILSNAILS Edition!

Title: Beneath The Tower of Zordaz, FLAILSNAILS Edition!

Resident DM: Il Male™, author of The Yaqqothl Grimoire blog.
When: Sunday, February the 19th, 3.00-5.00 (EST) / 9.00-11 (UTC+1)
How: Google+ Hangout
Rules: Labyrinth Lord, FLAILSNAILS
Refs: Blog and Wiki

Last night (02/12) two brave adventurers and their three men at arms passed through the Gates of the Silver Key and entered The Tower of Zordaz. Only one of the hirelings managed to survive, and head back to the Village of Vrestfall with the party map to sell. The Black Barony now needs new heroes!

Thus, if you're interested in old-school, episodic mega-dungeon crawling, sign in! Just add me on Google+ (Nicolò Maioli, pictured is the cover of Joy Division's album Unknown Pleasures) and drop me a line at malsetto [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will send you an invitation to our Obsidian Portal Wiki so that you can make a new 1st level character. The game is also open to level 1 to 3 FLAILSNAILS characters - just follow conversion guidelineshere.

Please note that you'll be required to speak slowly and loudly during the game, and possibly to be patient toward me, for English is not my native language.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rolemaster Classic

My name is Shawn Sanford, and I would like to post a Rolemaster Classic G+ game starting on February 8th, at 7pm cst/1:00am gmt.

Introducing, Roleamster Classic on Google +; every other Wednesday at 7pm CST/1:00am GMT.  That’s right bitches, Rolemaster.  Are you man/woman enough to handle it?  Do you have the mental capability to cross reference?  How about the ability to add and subtract three digit numbers?   Does the following crush crit sound cool to you?
            “Strike to foes shield arm.  Bone severs vein and an artery.  Foe dies after 12 rounds of inactivity.”

Or, how about this electricity crit?
            “Head strike.  Foe loses nose, he is temporarily blind for two weeks, and is stunned for 9 rounds.  -95 while blind.  If no helm, foe is knocked down.”

If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of the above, then Rolemaster might be for you!  If you are feeling particularly brave and foolhardy, contact +Shawn Sanford at arcadayn44 at gee mail dot com.  On Google+, I’m the shaggy haired rapscallion with the thumb stuck to his chin.  Complete novices or grognards are equally welcome. The first hangout will be character creation and an introduction to the awesomeness that is Roleamaster.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New! ConstantCon Expands into Play by Post

ConstantCon is expanding, now offering play by post games. So far there's only one, but I'm sure more will follow. ConstantCon doesn't depend upon any particular bit of software or format. Send me anything, and I'll post it. Google +, forums, email lists, zines, P.O. Boxes, GPS coordinates, conference calls, game stores, coffee shops, inn yards, the local piazza, the park, your school canteen, whatever.

Cittàrovina - The City of Ruins ("Into the Odd" PbP)

Cittarovina, the City of Ruins draws artists, intellectuals, and fortune-seekers like gulls to trash. The relatively recent return of the Pontifex to the ancient seat of the Church of the Unconquered Sun has further spurred the opportunistic to flock to this most vibrant of cities.

The various noble families are involved in political and personal intrigues (although the lines get blurred), and their various underlings are often the game pieces. More and more, these powerful men and women are becoming interested in the treasures that can be unearthed from the ruins of the ancient pagan empire. Previously, such artifacts were regarded as wonderful art to be displayed or studied for its aesthetic value, but in recent years, this study has turned to the unexpected (and inexplicable) power that can be unleashed from these items, or "Arcana" as some scholars have dubbed them.

So, now, the race is on to uncover the lost treasures of the gods...

Into the Odd - beginning characters
If you begin the game with an Arcanum, I will tell you what it is.
Italianate naming conventions.
FLAILSNAILS, so once an adventure is concluded, PCs can travel to other games, and PCs from other rules can enter Cittarovina. To begin with, all characters are natives.

Game times

As the game is a Play-by-Post, you can post to the game thread as and when. I'd ask that you try to check at least once a day, and try to post at least every other day.


I'm the Chris Wellings holding a baby. Contact me on christopher dot wellings at gmail dot com 

New type of content: Mimel's Journal

Click this link and check out the journal of a character in the Dungeon of Eternal Doom. DOOM!

Dolm is the color of my true love's hair.

EDITORIAL ASIDE: Trigger Warning: This contains Carcosa material, rated 5 phosphorescent skulls.

On a planet 153 light years away from Earth, orbiting a star in the Hyades Cluster, you have been born into one of the thirteen races of men who were bred specifically to serve as components for the bizarre and horrific sorceries of the now-extinct snake people - not that you know any of that. However, even with those reptilian bastards gone, humans are still not the top of the evolutionary heap, and in fact are being held mostly in a state of primitive and ignorant "civilization" by the omni-present threats from Grey aliens, the Great Old Ones and their spawn, the mutated flora and fauna one finds around the planet, and the remnants of Primordial Ones' fallen civilization. Life is therefore dangerous, brutal, and short for the humans of Carcosa, and character death should be understood at the beginning to be a likelihood, especially for adventurous 1st level characters.

For those of that who don't know, Carcosa is an unquestionably mature setting, with subject matter that some find highly objectionable. And while I don't intend to linger on or embellish over-much the grotesque and inhumane rituals of sorcerers, they will appear at some point, along with their sometimes requisite components of torture, murder, and/or rape. If you think that's something which will ruin your fun then this is not the game for you.

As Jim Stutz summerizes: "What we end up with are dinosaur-riding sorcerous cavemen exploring ancient ruins and pursuing the Greys for their nifty rocket launchers while being pursued in turn by Nyarlathotep and some undead mummies.
Why? Fuck you, that's why."
Mechanically I will be using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules and classes, including the Fighter, Specialist, and the Berserker (a variation on the Dwarf), as well as an alternate Sorcerer class than the one presented in the Carcosa supplement (a variation of the LotFP Elf). In most every other way the LotFP rules will be followed, save that for experience I will be using Keys, as found here, with the experience charts being adjusted to reflect the smaller xp rewards. Each character will get to choose 2 Keys.

The game will be on Thursday the 9th of February at 7:30-9:30pm MST for the folks in North America, or is 2:30-4:30am GMT. I'm adam kunzang nyima on G+, with a picture of me doing a handstand on a beach, and my email is (here dot now dot relax at gmail dot com). I'm looking to make this an every-other-week game with up to four players per session. And while I may allow FLAILSNAILS characters in the future, at the moment I want to keep everything relatively close to the source material.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Great Old Apocalypse: An Apocalypse World/Cthulhu Game.

Hey, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm looking to run an ongoing Apocalypse World game on Sundays starting on February the 12th at 100PM Eastern Standard Time. The game will run weekly for 13 episode "seasons". Players may drop or add in between seasons, but I ask that if you start a season, you finish out the season. I do, however, understand that life is what it is. :)

The setting is one I'll be loosely creating with Graham Wamlsey's The Apocalypse Machine sourcebook for Pelgrane Press's Trail of Cthulhu. The ongoing, week to week rulesset will be Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World, meaning that the game will focus on drama and intimate human stories in a horrific world. As the game is highly collaborative and player-driven, much of this, meaning both the drive of the game and the setting, is up to the players and their characters.

Character creation is really quick and we'll do it as a group. You don't need anything but 2d6, the printed sheets I'll email you, and a pencil. Oh, and a Google Hangout compatible computer with all of the accoutrements that would suggest. More information about Apocalypse World itself can be found at Information about The Apocalypse Machine can be found at

My email, if you're interested or have any questions, is theparableengine at the gmail. 

On G+, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm the clean-shaven gentleman in the polo shirt with the shaved head and the angular facial features. The link is here:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


You might know me, Ian Burns, from the Magician Manse blog. On Google+, I’m the Ian Burns with long hair and a goatee that +Matthew Miller thinks looks like Jesus. You can get ahold of me through G+ or by emailing me through gmail at “tombowings”.

Agrivaina is an island out of sync with space and time, where a shining knight may cross lances with Norse Vikings atop a ruined Roman bathhouse overlooking an ancient Babylonian Ziggurat filled with treasure fresh for the taking. A land where magic still seep from the pours of the Earth, influenced heavily by Jack Vance’s Dying Earth, Homer’s Odyssey, and the tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

My Refereeing style favors player driven action leaning on the wacky, improvisational side.  I don’t stray from player death, but favor clever solutions over combat.

I’ll be running the game every other Friday starting February 4th at 10PM Eastern standard time using the OD&D ruleset with a few simple house rules. FLAILSNAILS characters of any level are welcome or feel free to create a new character. Character creation and conversion information can be found in the house rule document above.

If you're interested in playing, let me know and send me your G+ contact information so I can add you to the invite list.

Note: Within Agrivaina you will find no standard D&D monsters, magic-user spells, or magic items, but a new host of each. More traditional may, of course, may be introduced into the setting by FLAILSNAILS characters, but do not at this point in time exist in Agrivaina.

Griffin Mountain

Time: Sunday 5th February 17.00 GMT, (12.00 EST, 11.00 CST etc)

Foul beasts of Chaos beware! Our intrepid heroes continue their search for the ford across the Seronde River, but what further horrible monsters will they meet in the aptly named Dangerground? More Headhangers? They should be so lucky...

Rules: A somewhat tweaked version of RQ2, contact me and I'll send you the details.
GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)
Contact me on bazblatt at