Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gamma Red Death World

My name is Paul Schaefer. You may know from my blog, "Mutants & Magic."
I'm running a Labrynth Lord/Mutant Future mashup game on 21 September 2012. Time to be determined.
Characters should be first to fourth level. FLAILSNAILS characters welcome.
To create new characters and review house rules,  please use these guidelines:
The game is set on late 1800's Earth after a Martian invasion.
Martian warlords, entrenched in their techno-organic fortresses, terrorize humanity with their mutated creations.
Weird science and strange magics have opened ancient portals to another world, allowing bizarre creatures through.
Characters fight to defend the Earth or just struggle to survive.
On google + my name is Paul Schaefer, and the email address is "nemo235 at hotmail dot com."
My avatar is a picture of me holding up a fake mustache and fake hat.

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