Monday, October 3, 2011

ConstantCon Clearing House

This will be a clearing house for ConstantCon games. If you've got a game you want to promote, let me know at least a few days in advance. I'm already stupidly busy with grad school, so I need at least a little bit of lead time to make sure your game gets promoted. If you'd like to help run the thing, let me know at cosimovecchio at gmail dawt com.

In the meantime, check out Zak S's advice on how to tell people about your game. He's also got a nice FAQ and collection of tips on how to run a google+ game.


  1. Thanks for putting this together John!

  2. Hey. Thanks for putting this site together. Just as FYI, I'll be closing down the one-off Tekumel gplus gaming site -
    and pointing would-be players and GMs over to this site. Regards, Peter R.