Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stormbringer: The Tale of an Egg

Time: Saturday 15th October 21.00 BST (20.00 GMT, 15.00 EST, 14.00 CST etc)

Hagar the Skeletal, the Beggar-Mage, wants the shell from the egg of a Dragon Turtle and is willing to pay any number of reckless, foolhardy and downright crazy adventurers to fetch it for him from the desolate, barbaric and chaos-tainted land of Yu. A one-off adventure only, soon to be appearing in print in Fight On!. (If it comes out in the next week DON'T READ IT.)

Rules: Stormbringer 1st Edition, beginning characters. Pre-gen characters available, but if you want to dice up your own, let me know by e-mail and send me a copy.

GM: Barry Blatt (who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)

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