Monday, October 3, 2011

Crucible of the Gods

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Crucible of the Gods, a fourthcore adventure for 4-6 players, lasting 3 hours or until party death.

Do you miss the Tomb of Horrors? Do you miss the tension of knowing that there are things that are perfectly willing to kill you with a roll? Do you miss mutherin great battles that require wits to solve? Have all that and more in this fourthcore adventure that is practically guaranteed to kill your set of first level characters. First level characters provided, but I am happy to work with you in creating your own character for this almost impossible adventure. Only the bravest souls need apply.

Fourthcore is a philosophy of gaming applied to the D&D 4e system: the philosophy is fundamentally gamist, preferring to establish drama and tension through the difficulties and challenges presented to the players rather than grand plot or overarching story. It rewards thoughtful gemers who are willing to use their own critical thinking and mental models of the world in place of the blind luck of perception checks (though, to be fair, perception DCs are offered for those who are terminally unwilling to engage in the visualization.)

Offered at Friday October 7 Noon GMT-10 (hawaii) // 6 PM Eastern // 10 AM Saturday Sydney Time. If you have a group of 4 players who wants to schedule another time, let me know.

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  1. I'm also happy to negotiate other times or games if people want to play. I'm waiting for my thesis results so I've got buggerall to do for the next few weeks. Contact me on + and we'll work something out.