Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beneath The Tower of Zordaz

Hi, my name is Nicolò Maioli (aka Il Male™, author of The Yaqqothl Grimoire blog []). Last summer I started working on a Megadungeon named The Tower of Zordaz, and I started a new blog [] to host the project. Now I feel ready for a play-test of my work. I'll run the game on Sunday, February the 5th from 9.00 pm till 11.00 pm (UTC+1), that is 3.00 pm till 5.00 pm (EST.) The game is open to three players, not FLAILSNAILS (you'll need to bring a brand new 1st level character, native of The Black Barony), using by the book Moldvay's Basic/Labyrinth Lord (although 1st level Clerics will have no spells.)

Please note that you'll be required to speak slowly and loudly during the game, and possibly to be patient toward me, for English is not my native language. Also, I will decide whether or not turning this into a regular campaign depending on how this session goes, so consider it a one-shot. My name on Google+ is Nicolò Maioli (my avatar is the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album), and my e-mail is malsetto[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  1. Yay, that's me again. Character creation guidelines and setting information here!