Friday, January 13, 2012

Caravan to Ein Arris

[GURPS 4e] Caravan to Ein Arris

My name on G+ is Michael Keenan, with a Australian flag graphic (it's not an exact square flag, but kinda a splash pattern) as my account icon.

The time and date of the game is;
1:00 PM Perth on 21st January 2012 -- THE LOCAL TIMEZONE FOR ME
9:00 PM Los Angeles on 20th January 2012
8:00 AM Moscow on 21st January 2012
2:00 PM Japan on 21st January 2012

Use a timezone converter online to figure out what day and time you need to available on.

The e-mail address to contact me is p_dragon500 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I'm looking for three to six players. This will be a fairly low fantasy game, with both intrigue, action and little focus on strangeness and magic.
See the character creation section below for guidelines and setting info.
BE SURE TO GET IN TOUCH VIA E-MAIL WITH ME A.S.A.P.! Give me some time to accomodate your character!

You'll be looking for work with a major trading magnate

System: GURPS 4e (listing what books you have will help)
Power Level: 125-point characters, with no supernatural or cinematic abilities, TL3, up to -70 points in disadvantages and 5 quirks.

Char Gen Guidelines/Setting:
1) The following skills will be useful (* = very useful);
- Combat skills*
- Horse Riding
- Animal Handling (specialties like Camel, Equines, Oxen and Cattle)*
- Merchant
- Diplomacy
- Detect Lies
- Desert Survival*
- Camel Riding*
- Fast-Talk
- Thief skills in general
- Any other social skills

2) Languages
Lantrai* - most common, used by a local empire of Lantara.
Nomic* - used by neighbouring tribals and parts of the Ajir Mountains.
Yat Ayun* - used by an southern island kingdom of Catho.
Shandassa* - used in Ein Arris, language of the countries Mashanda and Narhanha.
Redash - used in the north-eastern mountainous countries of Kenjo, Darabi, Bonoro and Azatl.
Olenese - used in the western country of Olenar and parts of the Ajir Mountains.

3) Cultural Familiarities
Nomic Tribes*

4) Patrons
* The Merchants Guild (very powerful organisation, 6 or less) [10]
- if you have this patron, take the disadvantage Duty (The Merchants Guild, 6 or less) [-2]
* The White Sword Mercenary Agency (fairly powerful organisation, 9 or less) [10]

5) Equipment - TL3 stuff, you may use Low Tech and its Companion books
Personal weapons?
Travelling gear?
Armour (Plate not worn here, scale and chain rare)?

6) Setting
You can ask me about the world background in your application e-mail. Basic rundown; you start in the Lantrai city of Khedris, the capital of the Lantrai empire. What country is your character a native of?

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