Monday, January 23, 2012

Legacy of the Bieth

Hi ConstantCon gang! I'm Humza "Allandaros" Kazmi, and am going to be
running a session of my campaign "Legacy of the Bieth" this upcoming
Thursday (26th Jan) at 9:30 EST/ 1:30 AM GMT. The setting aims for one
part standard D&D tropes, one part spaghetti western, and one part
post-apocalypse rebuilding. "When life meant little, death sometimes
had its price. That was when the bounty killers appeared." Feel free
to contact me at allandaros at gmail dot com. Add me on G+ as +Humza
Kazmi ; I'm the one in the black leather jacket. Cap of 5 players.

This will be using my "unholy fusion of LotFP and AD&D." FLAILSNAILS
conventions are honored; also feel free to bring in a new character
from level 1-4 if you're new to this whole ConstantCon business.

For more information on the setting, check out my (rarely updated)

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