Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Oh, and Dude, it's already the tenth."

This week there are a couple of ongoing regular games coming up, as well as a new game.

First, Chris Kusel is running Castle's and Crusades game, The Core, tomorrow starting at 11pm Central Standard Time (that's the mid western US).

On Friday, Jeff Rients is running another expedition to the Caves of Myyrdin. Jeff rolls at 4:30am Central Standard. If you're not on the list for this week, you might get lucky if you're hanging out on google + that morning, as Jeff sometimes sends out a call there if somebody oversleeps.

Later that night, sort of, Michael Keenan is running Caravan to Ein Arris using 4E GURPS. He's starting at 1:00pm Perth time, so take account of the international date line when figuring out when to play.

Finally, on Sunday there's the first session  of The Dungeon of Eternal Doom, a Pathfinder based dungeon crawl hosted by Rob Gilks.

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