Sunday, January 22, 2012


*Title:* Zharillia
*System:* Labyrinth Lord
*Time:* Every other Thursday 2100 EST - 2300 EST (Next is 26 Jan 2012)
*Google+ Page:* (DM) (Campaign Site)
*Dungeon Master:* Roger Burgess (roger dot burgess dawt iii at geemale dut com)

Will you be the first to find the lost Dwarven citadel of *Thrumi Zud*?
What machinations does the *Chained Ghoul* plan?
Why does *Krutus Schneps*, known as the Jolly Fat man in Red and
White, want servants of the Trickster Gods?
Why is it lucky to rub the foreheads of Dwarves and *why don't they drink ale*?

Zharillia, that place where if you fall off the edge of the world,
you'll probably starve to death before you hit something.  Ancient
beyond belief, with continent sized shards of a broken, shattered
world floating about in the Ether, Zharillia's strangeness only begins
with the surface details.  Life is cheap on a 5000 mile wide floating
rock and it's hard to tell what's more dangerous: the people or the
monsters.  Only the lucky will survive.

I can be contacted at +Roger Burgess (my avatar is a shocked-looking
Pip-boy).  Bring 1st level FLAILSNAILS compatible characters of the
following classes: Fighter, Dwarf, Magic-User.  Other classes and
races will be unlocked through play.  If you want to be a priest,
worship a god and tithe 20%. No clerics, only five-year olds get their
boo-boos kissed.

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