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“I’ve lost feet, fingers, ribs, friends, enemies, Sergeants, Corporals, sanity and enough blood to fill a swimming pool back home twice over. So don’t tell me about losses, Lieutenant. Don’t.”
—Trooper Dog

“Corporal, I believe your squad is the one with ‘Trooper Dog’ in it. He insulted me this morning when I asked him to search for my lost pet pig. He is an insolent upstart and a psychopath if his medical records are to be believed. Put him on Point Duty and see if you can lose him in some hell hole somewhere.”
—Lieutenant Frinks

“Good job, Dog. This food is fuckin’ A. I love the taste of bacon in the morning.”
—Corporal Torres

In 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars you plays members of the elite 3:16th Expeditionary Force. 

This military force left Terra over 10,000 strong many years ago with an explicit mission: fight, and defeat, everything in the Universe that you can find. Alien civilizations, intelligences and life of any kind are to be wiped out to protect the people home on Terra. Threats are to be neutralized at their source. 

You are humanity's only hope for survival. Don't fuck up.


WHO AM I: My name is Jez Gordon, I run a blog over at Same name on Google+, black n white pic is of a scruffy looking fella in sunnies. 

WHAT I'M RUNNING: 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars. You can get the rules here:

But the important stuff which you must download and print out (and read) before playing:
WHEN I'M RUNNING: I'll be running it every second Tuesday, with the first game on Tuesday 28th February at the following times:

NZ (UTC+13 at the mo) 8pm-11pm
LA (UTC-8) 12am-3am 
NY (UTC-5) 3am-6am
UK (UTC) 7am-10am
JPN (UTC+9) 4pm-7pm
SYD (UTC+10) 6pm-9pm

CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS: Not much really. It ain't a FLAILSNAILS game (you wouldn't want to put your precious in here), but anyone is welcome to join at any time; fresh meat for the grinder. New players create their characters at the start of the session; it takes less than 5 minutes to make a 3:16 character, and probably just a little longer to explain the core rules of the game.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: A shitload of killing. This is a war story after all, and a lot of the dead will be on your side. It's a story game, and some creative player input is expected; keeps me on my toes which I like. Players have a limited amount of narrative control, but it's a precious resource and runs out all too quick. You will most likely die. But you'll die laughing.

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