Monday, February 20, 2012

The Northern Shore

Title: The Northern Shore
Post: I'm Isaac Murphy, writer of the blog 'Reign of Jotuns'. I'm going to run a Play-by-Post game on Google+ (here's my page). My Email address is The ruleset is Rules Cyclopedia with these house rules.
The northernmost peninsula of the land, heavily forested, filled with marsh and bitter winters- a land of giants and wild beasts- unconquered, until the rise of the great nation of Thephysus.
Several of the Thephysian nobles, driven by rumors of wealth unimaginable, wonders unseen, and even a way to heaven at the northernmost tip, gathered their men and their money, sold their castles, and departed for the untamed land. Many of them survived, had castles built, carved roads through the wilderness, and wealth was indeed found- but in the end, the landscape was as untameable as the trolls it birthed, and the trolls' presence as constant as the forests. A mere ten years after the settling began, castle Porphos was sacked- no word was ever heard from the more distant nobles. Four years afterward, the empire collapsed. Some said their expeditions northward had angered god- others said financial ruin.
A century later, the land is known as Bonemark, a fitting name- but again, men attempt to settle it. A small town, built around a logging camp, has been founded just inside the Bonemark- and yet more brave fools come to try to find wealth, glory, and the northern coast...
This campaign heavily draws upon folklore- the vampires obsessively count grains of salt, and torment their victims by lurking on their roofs and throwing rocks; The trolls get smaller and covered in moss and lichens as they age, until they die and become gnarled old trees; The goblins hide in corners and chitter madly at you. The Magic-User and Cleric classes represent those with inborn talent, but the most powerful magic is usable by anybody with the stomach for it (Carcosa-style magic, but more focused on raising blizzards, obscuring trails, and other witchy activities than conjuring and binding demons). The Thief class is not limited to thieves, rather you can select any appropriately powerful skills to use those percentages for. So a character wanting to play a ranger would substitute 'Tracking' for 'Climb Walls' and 'Hunting' for 'Open Locks'.
Characters will start at level 1, or level 1/4 of highest level party member's.
I'm going to start play on the 1st of March.

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