Monday, February 20, 2012

The Vaults of Ur

Ruincrawl and get rich amid the post-apocalyptic remains of an ancient metropolis!
Rules: Reskinned B/X (with Basic Labyrinth Lord and some house rules) – No dwarfs, elves, and halflings. It’s humans, orcs, orc magi, and beastmen.
Setting Inspiration: Early Iron Age Sword & Sorcery Science Fantasy.
Game Time: Every other Saturday at 8PM Korean Standard Time (GMT +9, so Seoul: 8PM / New York: 6AM / London: 11AM) – First game Feb. 25
I’m Justin Howe on Google+. My avatar is Godzilla. If you’d like to play add me there, email me, or leave a comment here.
Email: howeDOTjw [at] gmailDOTcom

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  1. At the moment this isn't a flailsnails game. This will probably change at some point.