Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beneath The Tower of Zordaz, FLAILSNAILS Edition!

Title: Beneath The Tower of Zordaz, FLAILSNAILS Edition!

Resident DM: Il Male™, author of The Yaqqothl Grimoire blog.
When: Sunday, February the 19th, 3.00-5.00 (EST) / 9.00-11 (UTC+1)
How: Google+ Hangout
Rules: Labyrinth Lord, FLAILSNAILS
Refs: Blog and Wiki

Last night (02/12) two brave adventurers and their three men at arms passed through the Gates of the Silver Key and entered The Tower of Zordaz. Only one of the hirelings managed to survive, and head back to the Village of Vrestfall with the party map to sell. The Black Barony now needs new heroes!

Thus, if you're interested in old-school, episodic mega-dungeon crawling, sign in! Just add me on Google+ (Nicolò Maioli, pictured is the cover of Joy Division's album Unknown Pleasures) and drop me a line at malsetto [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will send you an invitation to our Obsidian Portal Wiki so that you can make a new 1st level character. The game is also open to level 1 to 3 FLAILSNAILS characters - just follow conversion guidelineshere.

Please note that you'll be required to speak slowly and loudly during the game, and possibly to be patient toward me, for English is not my native language.

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