Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House of Stone

Title: Houses of Stone
When: Monday, 5th March @ 20:30 CST (02:30am GMT) and every Monday following
Where: G+ Hangout
Rules: Swords & Wizardry... mostly. FLAILSNAILS welcome!
# Of PCs Needed: As many as want to play with a limit of 6.

Houses of Stone refers to the ancient ruins of Great Zimbabwe--one of many inspirational locales in sub-Saharan Africa for this game's alternate-history world.
You find yourself in what we would consider Africa (sub-Saharan) in a medieval timeframe. Greece, Rome, Britain, and other European and Mid-Eastern civilizations have attempted to colonize the Dark Continent and left settlements scattered about, never managing to take over.
There is much darkness in this place--a mystical and magical presence and force that refuses to allow men to tame it. This land is wild--there are tombs, dungeons, ruins, and so much more that are filled with the spirits of ancestors, of animals, seeking to protect the heart of Africa from being cultivated by human hands.

See my blog for more details on character creation / FLAILSNAILS import procedure and notes about the world.

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