Monday, February 6, 2012

Rolemaster Classic

My name is Shawn Sanford, and I would like to post a Rolemaster Classic G+ game starting on February 8th, at 7pm cst/1:00am gmt.

Introducing, Roleamster Classic on Google +; every other Wednesday at 7pm CST/1:00am GMT.  That’s right bitches, Rolemaster.  Are you man/woman enough to handle it?  Do you have the mental capability to cross reference?  How about the ability to add and subtract three digit numbers?   Does the following crush crit sound cool to you?
            “Strike to foes shield arm.  Bone severs vein and an artery.  Foe dies after 12 rounds of inactivity.”

Or, how about this electricity crit?
            “Head strike.  Foe loses nose, he is temporarily blind for two weeks, and is stunned for 9 rounds.  -95 while blind.  If no helm, foe is knocked down.”

If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of the above, then Rolemaster might be for you!  If you are feeling particularly brave and foolhardy, contact +Shawn Sanford at arcadayn44 at gee mail dot com.  On Google+, I’m the shaggy haired rapscallion with the thumb stuck to his chin.  Complete novices or grognards are equally welcome. The first hangout will be character creation and an introduction to the awesomeness that is Roleamaster.


  1. I appreciate your courage of having chosen the beautiful Rolemaster. Why not playing the first or second edition (boxed set)?

  2. Classic is pretty much the same as 1st and 2nd, but is currently being supported by ICE. We will be using Shadow World as the campaign setting. I did just recently pick up the first edition boxed sets of Arms Law and Spell Law. I love the old parchment paper charts!

  3. 1am is going to be pushing it, but I have always wanted to try this insane looking system.