Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seeking beta testers for Google+ Hangout application

Hello fellow gamers! I know a lot of the games organized through ConstantCon are done through Google+ Hangouts and I would like to put a call out for beta testers for a Google+ Hangout application I am working on to enable virtual tabletop features in a Hangout.

Currently I have dice rolling, dice macros, battle map including square/hex grids, tokens, locking tiles, a basic combat tracker, character info sheets, and a fun little camera overlay feature. I have put together a video walk-through here:

If you are interested please hit me up at Google+ and I just need your Google+ email to add you to the project. Happy Gaming.


  1. shoepixie AT the gmails! I'd love to be a beta user.

  2. I'll give it a go - your Google+ name though? find me at

  3. My Google+ account should be linked in the post but also make sure to follow the G+ page

    I'll be adding a few more people this weekend so will post on the G+ page when I do.

    1. Please add me as a beta tester: Jayduggergmail

  4. Please add me...
    murdockpeter AT the gmail thingy.

    My profile (if you need that as well..)

  5. please consider me for the beta!!!

  6. awesome man. awesome.