Monday, February 20, 2012

Drawing Back the Veil

Title: Drawing Back the Veil
When: Tuesday, 21st February at 20:30 CST (02:30am GMT) (meeting either every other week or every week, depending upon player availability and interest after the first session)
Where: G+ Hangout
Rules: Savage Worlds
# Of PCs Needed: 4-6 total (already have 1 committed and 1 possible)

This is the beginning of a modern-world (one just like ours, only different) game using the Savage Worlds (read: easiest system ever) rule set.
The PCs will be just discovering that there's another world out there--magic, demons, creatures from other planes. Inquiring minds will be investigating, or running from, or fighting supernatural threats to the mortal realm.
The game will be set in a slightly fictional version of Glasgow, Scotland. PCs may form or join a sort of team or society or agency that investigates/fights/flees/researches supernatural, magical, occult etc happenings.

I run very player-driven games, following their interests more than my own designs. The first session will include some time to explain the Savage Worlds rules. Players committing to the game ahead of time will be provided with plenty of information to build characters from and I will be available on G+, GTalk, or email to help guide character creation.
Feel free to contact me with any questions about the game, setting, or rules.
(Sorry, neither Savage Worlds nor my game world lend themselves to the FLAILSNAILS convention.)

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