Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dolm is the color of my true love's hair.

EDITORIAL ASIDE: Trigger Warning: This contains Carcosa material, rated 5 phosphorescent skulls.

On a planet 153 light years away from Earth, orbiting a star in the Hyades Cluster, you have been born into one of the thirteen races of men who were bred specifically to serve as components for the bizarre and horrific sorceries of the now-extinct snake people - not that you know any of that. However, even with those reptilian bastards gone, humans are still not the top of the evolutionary heap, and in fact are being held mostly in a state of primitive and ignorant "civilization" by the omni-present threats from Grey aliens, the Great Old Ones and their spawn, the mutated flora and fauna one finds around the planet, and the remnants of Primordial Ones' fallen civilization. Life is therefore dangerous, brutal, and short for the humans of Carcosa, and character death should be understood at the beginning to be a likelihood, especially for adventurous 1st level characters.

For those of that who don't know, Carcosa is an unquestionably mature setting, with subject matter that some find highly objectionable. And while I don't intend to linger on or embellish over-much the grotesque and inhumane rituals of sorcerers, they will appear at some point, along with their sometimes requisite components of torture, murder, and/or rape. If you think that's something which will ruin your fun then this is not the game for you.

As Jim Stutz summerizes: "What we end up with are dinosaur-riding sorcerous cavemen exploring ancient ruins and pursuing the Greys for their nifty rocket launchers while being pursued in turn by Nyarlathotep and some undead mummies.
Why? Fuck you, that's why."
Mechanically I will be using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules and classes, including the Fighter, Specialist, and the Berserker (a variation on the Dwarf), as well as an alternate Sorcerer class than the one presented in the Carcosa supplement (a variation of the LotFP Elf). In most every other way the LotFP rules will be followed, save that for experience I will be using Keys, as found here, with the experience charts being adjusted to reflect the smaller xp rewards. Each character will get to choose 2 Keys.

The game will be on Thursday the 9th of February at 7:30-9:30pm MST for the folks in North America, or is 2:30-4:30am GMT. I'm adam kunzang nyima on G+, with a picture of me doing a handstand on a beach, and my email is (here dot now dot relax at gmail dot com). I'm looking to make this an every-other-week game with up to four players per session. And while I may allow FLAILSNAILS characters in the future, at the moment I want to keep everything relatively close to the source material.

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