Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Great Old Apocalypse: An Apocalypse World/Cthulhu Game.

Hey, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm looking to run an ongoing Apocalypse World game on Sundays starting on February the 12th at 100PM Eastern Standard Time. The game will run weekly for 13 episode "seasons". Players may drop or add in between seasons, but I ask that if you start a season, you finish out the season. I do, however, understand that life is what it is. :)

The setting is one I'll be loosely creating with Graham Wamlsey's The Apocalypse Machine sourcebook for Pelgrane Press's Trail of Cthulhu. The ongoing, week to week rulesset will be Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World, meaning that the game will focus on drama and intimate human stories in a horrific world. As the game is highly collaborative and player-driven, much of this, meaning both the drive of the game and the setting, is up to the players and their characters.

Character creation is really quick and we'll do it as a group. You don't need anything but 2d6, the printed sheets I'll email you, and a pencil. Oh, and a Google Hangout compatible computer with all of the accoutrements that would suggest. More information about Apocalypse World itself can be found at Information about The Apocalypse Machine can be found at

My email, if you're interested or have any questions, is theparableengine at the gmail. 

On G+, my name is Chris Mitchell and I'm the clean-shaven gentleman in the polo shirt with the shaved head and the angular facial features. The link is here:

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